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Love life, start with drinking water

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The water label and beverage label industry attaches great importance to branding and marketing, and brings a new experience to customers through the design of the bottle and the design of the label.

【Application direction】
High-end customization: high-quality raw materials, excellent functions, and superior design.
The textured label, the simple bottle, and the artistic image design add power to the product.
★Mineral water label;
★Transparent glass bottle of white wine


【Picture, case show】

★Transparent BOPP material, combined with printed color, presents pure, three-dimensional effect
★ The glue is strong in viscosity, has few residues, has certain water resistance, and meets many environmental requirements.

【Products Recommended】
F4CT1 (52μm transparent BOPP / universal film adhesive / 36μm transparent PET)
F4180 (52μm transparent BOPP film / universal film glue / white glassine)

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