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Daily Chemicals

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网站编辑:浙江冠豪新材料有限公司 │ 发表时间:2018-07-19 
Daily chemical products are closely related to daily life. Hair care, personal care, fabric care and so on create value for a better life, and labels make products more beautiful, convey brand culture and favor consumers.

【Application direction】
The selection of daily chemical label is mainly based on film, such as bright white PE, transparent PE, transparent BOPP, aluminum-plated BOPP, or synthetic paper can achieve certain effects.
★Shampoo, shower gel label;
★Fabric care label;
★Canned food, wine label


【Picture, case show】

★The PE film is soft and can adapt to the extrusion deformation of the bottle during use. The temperature change in different environments is consistent with the plastic bottle.
★PP products have moderate stiffness and good transparency, which can meet the hidden effect of no label.
★The glue is strong in viscosity, has few residues, has certain water resistance, and meets many environmental requirements.

【Products Recommended】
F3CG3 (85μm bright white PE film / universal film glue / white glassine)
F4180 (52μm transparent BOPP film / universal film glue / white glassine)

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