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Electronic tags make "belief" longer

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Waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-aging, good durability, long-term maintenance under severe conditions, ideal for electronic component signs

【Application direction】
The lifespan of electronic products and chemicals is in units of years. In addition to metal etching, durable labels meet the commemorative value of traceability.
★Power converter
★Computer monitor;
★Chemical warning;


【Picture, case show】

★PET material labels, commonly used are white, silver, and transparent;
★Good processing performance, no overflowing, die cutting and smooth discharge;
★The coating has strong adaptability, good temperature resistance, water resistance and abrasion resistance, and the ribbon printing or printing can be satisfied.

【Products Recommended】
D5320 (50μm silvery PET film / universal film adhesive / 80g / m2 white Glassine)
D5730 (50μm bright white PET film / universal film adhesive / 80g/m2 white glassine)

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