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Industrial Chemistry Label - No Faults

网站编辑:Zhejiang Guanhao Functional Materials CO.,LTD. │ 发表时间:2018-07-19 
The label has a wide range of materials, including coated paper and synthetic paper film, but it must be insulted to escort the product.

【Application direction】
Industrial chemicals can be called dangerous goods to a certain extent. They should not be lost when used.
★Chemical bottle label;
★Industrial product identification label;
★Plastic barrel identification label;


【Picture, case show】

★Labels require strong adhesion, no warping and labeling, and replace wet glue applications;
★Paper and synthetic paper can be selected, the information bearing is mainly text description, less graphic, and printing requirements are general;
★Can withstand chemical solvents, high temperatures, oxidation, water and UV rays

【Products Recommended】
A8250 (80g/m2 coated paper / high viscosity permanent glue III / white Glassine)
AJ600 (80g/m2 coated paper / general hot melt adhesive II / white glassine)

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