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Drugs are never for packaging, simple and effective, and take into account the anti-counterfeiting effect, users can get guidance and identification will be assured

【Application direction】
The previous brushing process was gradually replaced by self-adhesive glue, and the effective labeling effect and demand met the use of medicines and health care products.
★Injection and drug label;
★Health product label;


【Picture, case show】

★The injection and drug labels are mostly coated with self-adhesive, the printing color is good, the glue viscosity can meet the routine use, and some small-caliber applications need different choices.
★Health care products such as pearlescent film and laser products have good gloss and give the product a better layering and anti-counterfeiting effect.

【Products Recommended】
A6SG3 (80g/m2 coated paper / high-viscosity permanent rubber II / white Glassine)
A1HG3 (80g/m2 high quality coated paper / high viscosity permanent glue / white glassine) [small caliber]
F1180 (60μm bright white BOPP film / universal film glue / white glassine)

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