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"Tire" is not just closer

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Tire labels need to be long and tortuous in the supply chain process. As the medium for carrying product information, the mission is to accurately convey important information, efficient identification and traceability, and the era of intelligent management, electronic chip technology is also involved.

【Application direction】
It has a large amount of glue and is extremely viscous. The uneven surface is also suitable, and it is resistant to corrosion of tire rubber and part of the environment.
★Tire label
★Steel and aluminum labels;


【Picture, case show】

★The amount of glue applied is large, generally 30-50g tire rubber, suitable for concave and convex surfaces;
★With PET material, it has good weather resistance;

【Products Recommended】
D2590 (25μm bright white aluminized PET film / tire rubber / 95g / m2 white PEK)

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