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The development of the logistics industry complements the daily consumption, providing fast and accurate delivery services to the convenience of consumers while greatly testing the efficiency of logistics companies.

【Application direction】
Use industrial printers or portable printers as media to embody information on labels to facilitate logistics transit and product circulation
★Courier document label;
★Pipeline job identification;


【Picture, case show】

★The courier document label uses three anti-thermal papers to meet the clear printing, fast and accurate scan code, and waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-resistant protection.
★Pipeline work labels can be printed with thermal materials, or coated with coated paper, synthetic paper, etc., with simple protection, clear printing, fast and accurate scan code

【Products Recommended】
S3MG3 (SF918 thermal paper / general purpose hot melt adhesive / white glassine)
S2670 (SF607 thermal paper / high viscosity permanent glue / white glassine)
F8080 (75μm synthetic paper / universal film glue / white glassine)

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