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Feeling after reading "Great, my country"

网站编辑:Zhejiang Guanhao Functional Materials CO.,LTD. │ 发表时间:2018-05-30 

On March 18th, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, further promote the core values of socialism and create a positive corporate atmosphere, the company organized all employees to watch the documentary "Awesome, My Country" at Pinghu Yinhe Cinema.

The film begins with the story behind the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. It tells the story of China’s great achievements in the super-engineering of China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port, China Net, etc. High-tech fields such as radio telescopes, quantum computers, offshore drilling platforms, maglev trains, mobile payments, and 5G technologies are leading the way for scientific research in the new era.

One of the sections that tells the Tibetan cadres is a deep memory. The film tells the story of a 25-year-old Tibetan cadre in Tibet’s ordinary grassroots workers in real life. She did not understand or cooperate with the masses, but she never retreated and has been moving toward the goal of getting rid of poverty for the masses.

Under the guidance of the general thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Chinese people, under the guidance of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the "innovation, coordination, green, development and sharing" under the guidance of the fascinating and shocking soul. The new concept of development, from the dream project to the innovation of science and technology, from green China to sharing a well-off, not forgetting the initial heart, moving forward, and achieving historic achievements in reform, opening up, and socialist modernization.

At the end of the movie, everyone feels it, and they all said that in the new year, we have to pick up our sleeves and cheer! With a fuller enthusiasm and a more pragmatic style, we will not forget our original heart, remember our mission, and contribute to the development of Zhejiang Guanhao.

(Technology R&D Department Wang Fang)