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The branch of the Zhejiang Guanhao New Materials Co., Ltd. was established and elected the first branch committee member

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-30 

On the morning of October 23, 2017, the Communist Party of China Zhejiang Guanhao New Materials Co., Ltd. held the branch and the branch committee election meeting in the party member activity room. Comrade Chen Wenzhao presided over the meeting. All 16 party members and 2 probation members of Zhejiang Guanhao Participated in the election meeting.

The meeting voted on the "Election Method of the Branch Committee of the Zhejiang Guanhao New Materials Co., Ltd.", the list of the scrutineer and the voter, and introduced the situation of the candidate. Subsequently, all the members of the party held a secret ballot on the candidates of the first committee of the branch, and elected Comrade Chen Wenzhao, Yu Tiandong and Hao Xiaopeng as members of the first branch committee.

Finally, the three elected members made their own statements. They all said that they will lead by example, set benchmarks and establish new styles, and actively strive to lead all party members and comrades in the branch and all employees in the factory, seize opportunities, work hard, work hard, and actively Strive to build Zhejiang Guanhao, and contribute to the development of Zhejiang Guanhao.

The establishment of the Zhejiang Guanhao Party Branch is conducive to strengthening and improving the party-to-business leadership and effectively improving the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Zhejiang Guanhao will continue to focus on making the self-adhesive segment a new profit growth point, and strive to improve employee welfare and achieve common development between the company and its employees. (Zhang Mingzhi, Zhejiang Guanhao)