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Consolidate business capabilities and enhance personal qualities

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-18 

In order to improve the organization and writing ability of employees' official documents, understand the business etiquette knowledge in the workplace, improve the professional quality of employees, and demonstrate a good corporate image. On May 5th, Zhejiang Guanhao invited Mr. Deng Fengguang from Lingnan Normal University to teach two courses, “Document Processing and Common Language Writing” and “Taste and Shape”. This training attracted some managers and functional staff of the company. More than 50 people in the production system, such as civilian employees, participated. Company leader Chen Wenzhao also participated in the training.

In the document writing training session, Mr. Deng first sorted out the correct writing styles and techniques of the set, title, subject, structure and payment of the official document writing. It also introduces five common official documents such as notices, instructions, letters, reports, and summaries. Through specific cases, it analyzes the common problems of these five kinds of official documents, and explains their basic uses, characteristics and precautions in a simple way. . In the end, Mr. Deng combined his many years of work experience to share with you the six main points of writing: mastering materials, highlighting, eye-catching titles, quantitative and qualitative, point-to-point considerations, and attention to detail. At the same time, he encourages everyone to use their memorandums, notes and other tools to record their experiences and feelings in their daily work, and to achieve self-improvement in the constant accumulation.

"If people are rude, they will not stand, they will be rude, they will not be rude, and if they are rude, they will not." In the etiquette training class, Teacher Deng made us understand the importance of etiquette through the comparison of pictures, and the national dignity and nationality. Culture, small to personal qualities, organizational image. The training started from four aspects: image etiquette, communication etiquette, conference etiquette, and dining etiquette. Through the explanations of dress code, costume matching, conversational language, seating arrangement, table dinner, etc., everyone fully understood the various activities. In the occasion, I have learned more about the cultivation of personal taste and personal charm, and learned more about shaping personal and corporate image.

The training was well received by the participants. Everyone said that through this document writing and business etiquette training, it not only helps to improve their own business level, but also helps to create a good image and corporate image. The training content is applied to the actual work, and the learning and communication are continuously strengthened to promote the common development of individuals and companies. (General Management Department Sun Xiujie)