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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes 2018 fire emergency evacuation drill

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

In order to further improve the fire awareness of all employees, all employees understand the duties and tasks of the relevant personnel at the time of the fire, ensure emergency evacuation and emergency escape and self-rescue, and achieve the purpose of disaster-free, disaster-relieving order, the company on March 23 The Xincang Town Fire Squadron was invited to come to the scene to guide the fire emergency evacuation drill. The exercise was organized and organized by the General Management Department. The deputy general manager of Chen Wenzhao served as the on-site commander, and the director of Rong Hongjian served as the deputy commander of the site.

The company's leaders attached great importance to this exercise, and gave guiding suggestions from the formulation to the specific implementation. The comprehensive management department has a more thorough arrangement, and the departments are closely coordinated. The participants cover all departments and the employees are highly engaged. The exercises are divided into pre-planning preparation, organization and implementation, formal exercises and summary. From the scene, the concentration of natural gas leaks was too high to fire alarms. From the evacuation of personnel to the personnel count, the entire exercise process was tense and orderly, and the emergency environment was realistic. All of them reflected the collective strength of the company's unity and cooperation. Overall, the exercise achieved the expected results, and there were also some problems, such as the long evacuation of employees, the lack of awareness and directionality when fleeing, etc. In this regard, targeted training will be adopted in the future. After the exercise, the company's leaders, department heads, security officers and instructors of the Xincang Town Fire Squadron summarized the situation of the emergency evacuation drill and exchanged knowledge about fire safety.

Through this exercise, all employees were provided with a practical simulation training, which enabled employees to understand the necessary emergency operations, further enhanced their awareness of prevention and emergency escape and self-rescue, and provided valuable experience for real emergency response actions. .

Although the exercise has ended, the responsibility for production safety is heavier than Mount Tai. In order to continuously improve the safety awareness and emergency rescue capability of the company's employees, in order to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective results in the emergency response, we will regularly carry out training, training or exercises for emergency plans to improve All employees' emergency rescue skills and comprehensive response quality, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses, and ensure the company's safe production. (Zhejiang Guanhao Zheng Mingyu)