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Zhejiang Guanhao Zhanjiang Plant organizes quality and safety training

网站编辑:Zhejiang Guanhao Functional Materials CO.,LTD. │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

On February 28th, Zhejiang Guanhao Zhanjiang Plant organized short-term downtime to organize production and quality system personnel to carry out a one-day 2018 quality and safety knowledge training, and strive to improve personnel's quality skills and safety awareness for the production and quality of 2018. Good basic work. The training is divided into the following three parts:

The first part is the production, influence and self-adhesive quality standards of the relevant customer complaint quality control points, which is delivered by Yao Wenying of the Quality Management Department. Through the introduction of the customer complaints generated in the Zhanjiang factory in January and February of January and 2018, the production and quality personnel will be strengthened to understand the influence and influence of the quality control points of the relevant customer complaints, thereby improving the quality control awareness; at the same time, the quality of the stickers is passed. Standard explanations, combined with actual conditions, consolidate quality awareness.

The second part is the training of limited space operation and special equipment use, which is taught by Huang Yusheng of Zhanjiang Production Department. Combining the production working environment and the special equipment used, it describes the concept of limited space, the limited space operation and the surrounding environment used by the crane, the operation process, the precautions, the protective tools, the emergency rescue, etc., and strives to standardize the safety behavior of the operators. Grasp the key link management and control, strengthen on-site supervision and inspection, resolutely lay a good job in security defense and attack, and ensure the realization of safe production.

The third part is the safety training of “only once in life, the danger is at one time, the safety must be remembered for a lifetime”, and is taught by Gao Xueren of Zhanjiang Production Department. By studying the safety accidents occurring in the “China Paper Industry”, “Guangdong Guanhao” and “Zhejiang Guanhao” systems in 2017, the safety awareness of operators will be improved and safety accidents will be avoided. At the same time, in order to deepen the understanding of employees on the source of danger and improve safety awareness, the participants discussed the safety precautions of the 4# and 5# line coating machine accident-prone parts (safety warning zone), so that all employees can be safely produced. Participation, everyone is responsible.

Through this training, it not only improved the safety awareness and quality awareness of the personnel of Zhanjiang Production Department and Quality Management Department, but also deepened the awareness and behavior change of all employees from “I want to be safe” to “I want to be safe”. (Quality Management Department Yao Wenying)