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China Paper Safety Production Inspection Team came to our company for safety inspection

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

From October 12th to October 13th, 2017, China Paper Safety Production Inspection Team conducted a two-day safety production inspection for our company.

The inspection team conducted a comprehensive inspection of the company's safety production management system construction and archives establishment, and conducted in-depth investigations on hidden troubles in the production facilities, warehouses and boiler rooms. Through this inspection, the inspection team has put forward 35 rectification opinions. The rectification contents include five aspects: implementation of safety production responsibility system, construction of safety production management basic system, on-site risk management and control, hidden danger management and implementation of on-site implementation.

The inspection team pointed out that the implementation of safety production management is mainly to implement and implement. Enterprise management personnel should strengthen safety awareness and always tighten the safety production string. In order to solve the problems, it is necessary to implement rectification in time to ensure that the enterprise is in a standardized and safe state. Run below. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the safety training plan for enterprise managers and staff, improve the safety awareness and emergency response capabilities of employees in each position, and ensure the safe production of enterprises.

During the inspection process, Chen Wenzhao, the deputy general manager of our company in charge of safety production, accompanied the whole process and said that the rectification opinions put forward by the inspection team can promote the overall improvement of the safety production management work of our company. After the inspection, the company timely organized the supervisors and above management personnel to hold a special meeting, notified the rectification contents of the various departments involved in the region, and unified the implementation of the rectification work of each department, and strive to complete as soon as possible. At the same time, all departments are required to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees, conscientiously implement the responsibility system for production safety, strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and always put safety production in the first place, and resolutely prevent all kinds of safety accidents.

Through this inspection, we can further consolidate the safety production management foundation of our company, enhance employees' safety awareness and sense of responsibility, and provide strong security for the company's production and operation.