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Sensitive to observation, diligent thinking, innovation

网站编辑:Zhejiang Guanhao Functional Materials CO.,LTD. │ 发表时间:2018-05-14 

The double transparent film product is a special self-adhesive product with transparent BOPP film as the surface material and transparent PET film as the substrate. Since the production of double transparent film products by Z4 coating machine in Zhanjiang factory, due to the particularity of its material, there have been problems in the operation of PET substrate shrinkage, rewinding and continuous cutting of paper, and the occurrence of embossing in 10cm on both sides when producing 1530mm specifications. , resulting in low production efficiency, large waste of raw materials and a large amount of processed products. This product is our key product to broaden the self-adhesive market and enhance the competitiveness of our products.

Therefore, it is an urgent task to improve the production efficiency and ensure the quality of the C4 coater double transparent film products in 2018. Since 2018, the transparent PET substrate has been shrinking during the process of crawling and accelerating, the problem of continuous paper cutting in the rewinding section, and the problem of the convex edge on both sides of the 1530mm specification. Under the leadership of Manager Gao Xueren, through the equipment department and quality management. The department explored and explored, and combined with the feedback suggestions from employees, and continuously accumulated experience, and finally found a technical transformation plan to solve the above problems:

From January to February, by reducing the tension of the whole line and adjusting the temperature curve of the silicone oil, a new set of production process parameters was developed to avoid interruption of the paper during the crawling and acceleration process;

2. On April 14th, make a small technical change to the rewinding paper cutter. Through long-term observation, find the position of the best paper cutter, and fix the small screws to fix it, which not only avoids the paper cutter from being driven by the PET film tension. Displacement problems, while completely solving the problem of continuous paper cutting of PET;

3. On April 20th, the rubber plug of the curtain was adjusted several times, from the original 17cm to 26cm, and finally satisfied the customer's use, initially solved the problem of thick edges on both sides. According to statistics, since the technical transformation, the number of shrinkage paper breaks in the process of crawling and accelerating PET bottom paper is 0 times; the number of paper stops in the rewinding section is 0 times; the two sides have been basically solved due to the problem of the convex edge, and it is to be solved. Further tracking.

Sensitive observation, diligent thinking, innovation, and ensuring the quality and quantity of double transparent film products are the driving force for C4 coating machine personnel, quality management department and equipment department to make unremitting efforts and dare to innovate. Only the guarantee of product quality can provide guarantee for our company to develop the self-adhesive market, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the products and improve the production efficiency of the company. (Zhanjiang factory: Liu Jun, Li Wenya)