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Hong Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Paper, investigated Zhejiang Guanhao

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On July 11, Hong Jun, secretary of the Party Committee of China Paper, went to Zhejiang Guanhao New Materials Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide party building work. Zhang Jiangyong, deputy general manager of Guanhao Gaoxin, and related personnel accompanied the investigation.

Hong Jun and his team went to Zhejiang Guanhao raw material warehouse, coating workshop, three-dimensional library and cutting workshop to conduct on-the-spot investigation. At the subsequent symposium, Hong Jun listened to the report on the development of the party building work by Chen Wenzhao, secretary of the Zhejiang Guanhao Party branch, and affirmed the work of the Zhejiang Guanhao Party branch. At the same time, he interacted with the on-site staff and encouraged employees to express their views on how to better integrate the party building work with production and management.

Subsequently, Chen Youjun, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Guanhao, reported on the company's production and operation. Hong Jun affirmed the progress made by Zhejiang Guanhao, and also detailed the benchmarking situation and team building situation of Zhejiang Guanhao and peer companies. Asked and put forward specific requirements and guidance. He pointed out that the first is to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and to solve the practical problems in the work with Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Second, we must continue to strengthen party building work, conscientiously implement the "one post and two responsibilities", organize and carry out the study of party branches, and strengthen the building of party style and clean government. The third is to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, create a corporate culture, and enhance corporate cohesion. The fourth is to improve the system of the Staff Representative Conference and build a harmonious enterprise. The fifth is to strengthen the team building and the construction of the talent team. The leading team should focus on solving the current practical problems, and strive to cultivate the backbone of the business into qualified party members; in the construction of the talent team, we must do a good job in the selection, breeding, use, retention and team building of talents. Sixth, we must constantly improve the awareness of safety and environmental protection to prevent safety and environmental accidents. (General Management Department Zhu Qigang, Xie Meihong)