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Notice on the rapid organization of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress

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Party committees of various departments and subsidiaries:

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully closed at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 24, 2017. On behalf of the 18th Central Committee, Xi Jinping made a speech entitled "Decisive victory to build a well-off society in an all-round way and win a new era of Chinese characteristics." Report of the Great Victory of the Society. The party committee of the paper industry organized party organizations and employees at all levels to watch the live broadcast of the 19th National Congress. The relevant notices on the rapid organization of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress are as follows:

Party organizations at all levels shall, in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the Party Committee of the Central Committee, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the Party Committee of the Group, take the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress as an important political task for the present and future periods, and combine the "two studies and one doing" normalization system. In the form of the party committee, the theoretical study center group, and the party members' assembly, we will concentrate on studying the spirit of the report of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the 19th Party Congress, and profoundly study the new features, new goals and new goals proposed in the report. Requirement, word-by-word, original text, profound understanding of the spirit of the report. At the same time, the use of good internal network, office platform, WeChat public number and other media platforms, open up a column, quickly set off the enthusiasm for learning the spirit of the 19th. Unify the thoughts into the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, unify the actions to the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and condense the power to realize the goals and tasks set by the Party’s 19th National Congress and realize the reform and development of enterprises. For the spirit of the work, we will do a good job in the implementation of the various tasks and tasks of this year, plan for the next year's work, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the pilot of state-owned capital operation companies and new achievements in transformation and development.

All units are invited to report the spirit of the party’s 19th National Congress to the headquarters party committee office (the party committee organization department). Specific requirements: 1. All the staff of each subsidiary concentrate on learning and convey the spiritual content of the 19th National Congress in various forms (such as conference learning, opening lectures, experience of grassroots employees, total number of students, etc.); 2. Combining company characteristics and reflecting themselves Or the industry's characteristics of the front-line staff learning content and photos; 3. Combine the spirit of the 19th report, organize the study of the industry hotspots and state-owned enterprise reform and other related content; 4. Colorful and innovative forms of learning content (such as short videos, comics, etc.), At least one article per company, with pictures and texts.

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