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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes 2017 annual debriefing meeting

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At 09:00 on February 4th, Zhejiang Guanhao 2017 annual debriefing meeting was held on time in the conference room on the second floor of Pinghu Plant. The general manager of Guanhao Gaoxin Zhong Tianqi, the members of the Zhejiang Guanhao team and the heads of various departments and above attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Deputy General Manager Chen Wenzhao.

First of all, the supervisor and the above management personnel conducted personal debriefing, and the management of the company commented on each of the staff members one by one. After the end of his debriefing, Chen Youjun made a work report on “When I am not waiting, I am brave enough to move forward”, and made a overall plan for the work ideas of 2018. Chen Youjun put forward three requirements: 1. Clear tasks and clear goals. The development goal of Zhejiang Guanhao in the next three years has been clarified (in 2018, Zhejiang Guanhao will achieve a sales income of 780 million and a profit of 20 million yuan). 2. The process is correct and the method is correct. Third, the guarantee is in place and the assessment is scientific. He pointed out that in 2017 we experienced growth and established confidence! In 2018, we will forge ahead and work hard! Zhejiang Guanhao is an important battlefield for the development of Guanhao. The head office has given us deep expectations. Zhejiang Guanhao will bear in mind the mission and keep a close eye on the goal; refine the work and meticulous operation; unite and cooperate, and work hard to complete the year. The goal contributes strength.

Zhong Tianqi expressed appreciation and affirmation for Zhejiang Guanhao's achievements in 2017 and his work ideas for 2018, and raised ardent hopes and requirements.

First, he is satisfied with the debriefing of everyone, and appreciates the quality improvement of everyone in the past year. He also introduced the development of 2017 Chengtong Group, China Paper and Guanhao High-tech to the staff present, pointing out that we must follow the group, The idea of the headquarters to plan for future development.

Second, he was excited about the development goal of Zhejiang Guanhao proposed by Chen Youjun in the next three years. He pointed out that 2017 is an extraordinary year for Zhejiang Guanhao. In this year, Zhejiang Guanhao passed the structural adjustment to overcome the unfavorable situation and realize A good growth has also emerged with many bright spots. At the same time, he pointed out that there is a problem in the efficiency of Zhejiang Guanhao, and there is a gap between the per capita sales revenue and Avery. He hopes that the management of the company will find its own shortcomings through benchmarking, strengthen its product policies and incentive policies, and find ways to improve sales. income.

Third, he asked Zhejiang Guanhao to have a long-term and short-term positioning. In 2018, it is necessary to complete the annual work goal in a stable and excellent manner, and become a new kinetic energy for the growth of Guanhao's benefits.

4. He hopes that all the participants will enhance their sense of mission and carry forward the future development of Guanhao. At the same time, it is pointed out that the fate of the participants will also change due to the development of Zhejiang Guanhao in the next three years, and encourage everyone to make the enterprise stronger and stronger. In order to contribute to the development of the enterprise, realize the value of your own life. State-owned enterprises must also find ways to increase employee income while achieving the primary task of maintaining and increasing value.

Finally, he pointed out that Zhejiang Guanhao has made a welcome change in 2017. I hope that everyone will start again in 2018, and I wish you all the benefits in terms of personal ability and income in 2018. (Zhejiang Guanhao Zhuqi Steel)