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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes 2017 annual summary and commendation meeting

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

At 16:30 on the afternoon of February 5, the company's 2017 annual summary and commendation meeting was held at the New Sanwu Hotel. All the staff of the Pinghu factory area and the people who came back to participate in the debriefing attended the meeting.

The meeting was first addressed by Deputy General Manager Chen Youjun. He gave a comprehensive summary of the work of Zhejiang Guanhao in 2017 and proposed the work goal for 2018. Chen Youjun affirmed the efforts made by all employees in 2017. He also pointed out the shortcomings in the work in 2017 and put forward new requirements for the work of various departments in 2018.

Then, Deputy General Manager Chen Wenzhao read out the winners of the outstanding employees, advanced team, Zhejiang Guanhao Star and Special Contribution Awards in 2018. The management team commended the teams and individuals who won the awards.

The management and employees of the company communicated in depth and expressed gratitude and condolences to the employees. The employees also expressed their gratitude to each other while enjoying the wonderful performances. When entering the lucky draw, everyone was enthusiastic and cheered. One after another, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Through this annual summary and commendation meeting, the outstanding employees and teams have been rewarded, and it is easier to stimulate their work enthusiasm. At the same time, all employees have a clear understanding of the 2018 work goals, and employees have said that 2018 Under the leadership of the management team of Zhejiang Guanhao, we will not forget the initial heart and move forward, and strive to write a new chapter of Zhejiang Guanhao with a new attitude and new pace. (Zhejiang Guanhao Zhu Qigang)