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Some thoughts since working in Zhejiang Guanhao

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

In September 2017, I joined Zhejiang Guanhao and became one of them. In the position of Zhejiang Guanhao Integrated Management Department, I started my own business. The days passed, and the autumn and cold winter that passed the harvest finally ushered in the spring of hope. Along the way, I was moved all the way, and I was grateful.

The so-called moving, the most intuitive feeling is that the company's loss from September 2017, to turn losses into profit in October, and then to November, the profitability of the water has increased steadily. In 2018, the accumulated operating income was 128.74 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.78%, and the operating profit was 830,000 yuan. The achievement of the results is inseparable from the close collaboration of various departments and the silent efforts of countless employees. I feel a dedication to dedication and dedication in these ordinary employees. The stability, development and growth of an enterprise ultimately depend on our employees, who are the real mainstay of the company. When the responsibilities of the employees are condensed, they become the responsibility of the entire company and promote the development of the company. Touched at the bottom of the corporate pyramid, moved in the real, moved to the development of Zhejiang Guanhao.

The so-called gratitude, I think the company first provided me with the opportunity to work, and provided me with a good growth platform. Allow me to continue to learn, exercise and grow at work. The enterprise seems to be a big family. Every employee is a member of this big family. We are state-owned enterprises. We are the masters of this big family. Although each person’s job responsibilities are different, the ability is big or small, but As long as you spare no effort to devote your own wisdom and strength, do your own job, and do your best for the development of the company, this is the best reward for the company.

As far as I am concerned, since joining Zhejiang Guanhao, I have regarded this big family as the base of my career and became my own job. I know that there is food in the big pot, and it is possible to fill it in my bowl. If the company is prosperous, employees will benefit. As far as Zhejiang Guanhao is concerned, it is currently in the initial stage of development. Although it has achieved results, it also has some problems and faces major challenges. Our personal growth is in sync with the growth of our company. We need companies to provide us with a stage for growth. Enterprises also need our dedication to wisdom and strength. Only in this way can our company continue to grow and develop.

Although sometimes the leaders have strict requirements for us, although our company has some unsatisfactory places, because we are as young. But the company provides us with the soil for work and study, and we should do our utmost for its continuous development, because we are one of them. Enterprises are our homes, let us work hard, work hard, unite and work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow for Zhejiang Guanhao. (General Management Department Zhu Qigang)