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Pinghu production hits new heights and works together to create brilliant

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

Since the C11# water-based coating machine has been innately insured since its production, the stable operation of this machine is directly related to whether the output of release paper and self-adhesive can meet the sales demand. Therefore, the operation status of this machine is affected. The company's leadership is highly concerned.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, the company's leaders gave us great support and the employees were full of confidence. At the same time, Pinghu Production Department, together with the equipment department, technology research and development department and other related departments, through technical transformation, optimization and other measures, worked together to overcome various problems in the operation of the machine, and provided a guarantee for stable production.

Through the effective measures taken in the early stage, the operation of C11# water-gel coating machine was smoother in April, effectively reducing the number of downtimes and downtimes, and the output reproduction was breakthrough. The output of self-adhesive rubber was 7.722 million m2, which increased by 59.75% from the previous month. The highest value since the release; the release paper production is the first time to break through 20 million m2. The continuous breakthrough in production has given us greater confidence in our future work. Of course, the ability to achieve such results is inseparable from the attention and guidance of the company's leaders. It is inseparable from the close cooperation of the relevant departments, and it is inseparable from the efforts of all employees of the Pinghu Production Department.

Next, Pinghu Production will further speed up on the basis of stable production, so that the production capacity of C11# water-based coating machine will be released to a greater extent, and work together to sprint towards a higher goal! (Pinghu Production Department Zhao Yalun)