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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes marketing skills training

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

On February 4th, Zhejiang Guanhao used the timing of the 2017 marketing work summary meeting to organize all sales personnel to carry out a one-day sales skill training. Through this training, we strive to improve the actual combat capability of the sales team for further development in 2018. Sales work lays a solid foundation.

The training is divided into two parts. The first part is the introduction of the printing machine, the printing method and the handling method of the basic customer complaints in the sales process. This part is lectured by Shi Yigang, Quality Management Department of Zhejiang Guanhao. Shi Yigang introduced the printing methods such as lithography, letterpress printing and gravure printing to enhance the sales staff's understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the printing methods. One of them enriched the professional knowledge, and “selled according to the style”; secondly, through the printing company. The number of printing machines, the speed of the vehicle, and the number of hours, measuring the printing output and printing potential of the printing company, accurately positioning and tapping the sales potential.

Knowing new things, deepening understanding of common paper disease treatment methods, training sales staff to identify simple quality complaints, giving customers the ability to answer questions in a timely and effective manner, and establishing an efficient and professional sales team.

The second part is financial management knowledge training, which is delivered by Zhou Junsheng, the finance department. Zhou Junsheng has straightforward points on issues such as invoicing, bank acceptance bills, and customer credit rating in sales work. Starting from the root cause, listing problems, analyzing the causes, and proposing measures. He taught the original messy work to sort out the clear rules, effectively avoiding the time and economic loss caused by repeated mistakes, and at the same time enabling the sales staff to put more energy and time into the sales work.

The atmosphere of the whole training site was warm, and the sales problems that the salesmen encountered from time to time combined with the contents taught by the lecturers to discuss, solved the "difficult diseases" that plagued them in many jobs, and shared sales experience and mutual strengths. All the salesmen said that the training solved their urgent needs and hoped to participate in more training in the future to enrich themselves and strengthen themselves.