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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes sales training ------Learning exchange Improve quality Create professional sales team

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

In order to let the salesman have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the company's products, improve the sales staff's business capabilities, improve the overall business level of the sales team, and build a professional sales team, the company organized sales training on the afternoon of April 12. The training was jointly organized by the Marketing Management Department and the General Management Department. The company's leadership team and all sales staff attended the training.

The responsible person of the relevant department has conducted targeted product training. Among them, the technology research and development department introduced the product decomposition and combination of product structure, and reported the improvement plan and results of the glue problem; the quality management department put forward the customer complaint information filling standardization and the customer complaint handling in time. The requirements of the rigorousness of the customer complaint file; the marketing department has trained the new product development process, mainly introduced the company's various conventional products, focusing on the performance test of the product, intended to let the business personnel have advantages and disadvantages for the company's products. There is a clearer and more intuitive understanding; finally, the Marketing Management Department has made clear requirements for the standardization of price approval, pattern approval, and product overdue approval.

In this training, in addition to the systematic theoretical study, the sales staff also put forward their own opinions and suggestions based on their own business situation and the problems encountered in their daily work. The company's leadership team and the heads of various departments gave answers one by one. Let the people who are on the front line of sales on weekdays communicate and improve each other through training opportunities.

It is hoped that all sales personnel can seriously study and implement the content and spirit of this training, and apply it to practice through digestion and absorption. Under the leadership of the company's leadership team, we have created a sales team with strong execution, solidarity, cooperation, pragmatic and efficient, and brought greater performance returns to the company. (Marketing Department Ma Xiajie)