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Headquarters Yang Yinghui, deputy general manager came to Zhejiang Guanhao to guide the work

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

On September 17, the general manager of Yang Yinghui, who was in charge of the operation, finance and management of the company, went to Zhejiang Guanhao to guide the work and convened the heads of various departments of the company and the above management personnel to hold a symposium to listen to the difficulties of various departments in their work. And need to coordinate the solution to help companies improve management and improve efficiency. The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Chen Wenzhao.

The participants were enthusiastic and talked freely. In terms of project management, production management, sales management, financial management, and safety management, he made suggestions and suggestions, and put forward his own ideas and suggestions on talent reserve, communication between departments, and daily regulations. For the questions raised by the participants, Deputy General Manager Yang Yinghui answered the questions one by one and said that the headquarters will do its best to provide support. He pointed out that the company respects and cares for employees and convene this symposium. The purpose is to listen to everyone's voices, strengthen communication, brainstorm ideas, form synergies, and make the company's work better. The company will attach great importance to the many thoughts and suggestions and suggestions put forward by the company, and carefully combing them to improve the corresponding working mechanism. Finally, he expressed the blessings of the festival to everyone in advance.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy General Manager Chen Wenzhao expressed his gratitude to Zhejiang Guanhao for his deputy general manager Yang Yinghui and his delegation. He pointed out that the speech of Deputy General Manager Yang Yinghui undoubtedly gave us a vivid management training course. Regardless of operational issues, financial issues, project management and safety management issues, in the final analysis, it is management issues. All of you are from Zhejiang Guanhao. The backbone of business management, the primary responsibility of the work is to do a good job in management. I hope that everyone can understand the spirit of the leadership and guidance and implement it. All departments must understand each other, respect each other and strengthen coordination. Let's work together and do a good job.

The atmosphere of the symposium was sincere and harmonious. The staff of the meeting believed that the heads of the headquarters could take time to listen to the opinions of the employees in the busy schedule, reflecting the company's attention and concern for the employees and inspiring people. Everyone has said that in the future work, teamwork will be strengthened, and their convictions will be strengthened. Based on their own duties, they will live up to the expectations of the company and leaders.

After the meeting, Deputy General Manager Yang Yinghui and his team went to the production workshop for guidance. (Zhejiang Guanhao Zhu Qigang)