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Zhejiang Guanhao held the 2018 mid-term deliberation assessment meeting and semi-annual work meeting

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On July 15th and 16th, Zhejiang Guanhao organized and held the 2018 mid-year senior management review meeting and semi-annual work meeting. Zhang Jiangyong, deputy general manager of Guanhao Gaoxin, members of the leadership team of Zhejiang Guanhao, and the heads of various departments and above attended the meeting.

At the mid-term deliberation assessment meeting in 2018, supervisors at the supervisory level and above conducted personal debriefing. The debriefing staff focused on the specific requirements of "three downs, one liter, one control", combined with the actual work of their own work, in-depth analysis, carried out self-examination and self-correction work, and proposed the next stage of work ideas. The company's leadership team commented on the staff members.

At the semi-annual work meeting, Zhang Jiangyong listened to the summary report of various departments of the company and made a comment. He pointed out that there is a big gap between the production and operation situation of Zhejiang Guanhao in the first half of the year and the expected target. I hope everyone will benchmark the annual plan. Looking for gaps, summarizing the shortcomings in the analysis work, and laying a good foundation for the completion of the annual production and operation goals in the second half of the year.

Zhang Jiangyong put forward requirements for the overall work of Zhejiang Guanhao in the next stage.

First, continue to do a good job of "three downs, one liter, one control." First of all, we must continue to do a good job in production cost and production quality control, and improve production efficiency. Secondly, we must continue to coordinate production, supply and marketing, reduce inventory, and make clear responsibilities. Finally, he reminded everyone that the focus of the second half of the year should be strengthened. Risk management.

Second, continue to strengthen team building. He pointed out that in the first half of the year, Zhejiang Guanhao still had low management efficiency and unclear powers and responsibilities. In this second half of the year, it is necessary to continue to build a team, to achieve clear rights and responsibilities, to develop innovative thinking, improve management efficiency, and improve sales measures. , build a reasonable sales team. In order to improve management efficiency, the management team must be adjusted in the second half of the year to promote institutional reform.

Third, we must improve the work processes and systems to improve execution and work efficiency. First of all, the process of solving the problem is carefully summarized, comprehensive analysis, eliminating barriers between departments, especially the content that needs to be supported by various departments, and all departments should do a good job of coordination; in addition, improve the performance appraisal system and achieve fine indicators. Clearly defined.

In the first half of 2018, with the joint efforts of all employees, Zhejiang Guanhao has made certain progress in all aspects of supply and marketing, and various business indicators have also improved. In the second half of 2018, Zhejiang Guanhao will continue to work hard, deepen the reform, promote the work of “three downs, one liter, one control” and work hard to complete the annual business tasks.