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Zhejiang Guanhao organizes 2017 annual marketing summary meeting

网站编辑:Zhejiang Guanhao Functional Materials CO.,LTD. │ 发表时间:2018-05-25 

At 9:00 on the morning of February 5, the company's 2017 annual marketing summary meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of Pinghu Plant. The general manager of Guanhao Gaoxin Zhongtianqi, the members of the Zhejiang Guanhao team, the heads of relevant departments and all sales personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Zhang Feiyu.

The Marketing Management Department and various sales companies reported on the completion of sales in 2017, and proposed the work plan and ideas for 2018. Zhang Feiyu pointed out that the next step is to divide the sales areas in the southwest and northwest, and to sell sales clerk. Market and product training; at the same time, strengthen market analysis, improve product design, and promote product upgrades and product improvement; in addition, it is necessary to define the functions of dealers and distributors, improve basic management, clarify customer positioning, and provide customer support; Logistics services, a wide range of products, and a list of potential membrane customers (membrane varieties).

Chen Youjun affirmed Zhang Feiyu's work plan and pointed out that it is necessary to maintain and always pay attention to potential customers.

Zhong Tianqi pointed out that the report should discuss the customer's product composition, and analyze the sales prospects of our customers based on the customer's product composition, and analyze the customer's business prospects to determine whether the customer's business has increased. He pointed out that market competition competes for cost control and comprehensive capabilities, and price development must go with the market rather than with cost. Therefore, we must take effective measures to turn cost control into our advantage. In addition, improving service quality must not only start with sales, but also other services such as production, quality, and technology. Based on the data analysis, the ranking problem is determined according to the degree of influence. For the problem that the delivery is not timely, a specific responsible person should propose a solution and determine the specific plan according to the actual situation of the company.